We had a discussion over over the correct usage and meaning of the following sentences.

Sign up via (web.link) or calling (phone number) by DD MMM ‘YY.


Sign up via (web.link) or call (phone number) by DD MMM ‘YY.

Which would be the correct usage if the intention is the ability to sign up via both methods? Are either or both correct? Is there a difference in meaning?

Cheers to everyone for any help!

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The first one isn't grammatical, the second one is but doesn't convey the meaning you want.

Sign up via (web.link) or call (phone number) by DD MMM ‘YY.

Means that you can either "sign up via link" or "call phone number".
What you want to say is:

Sign up via (link) or by calling (phone number) by DD MM YYYY.

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