I want to use a verb for "perform thermocompression bonding." I have used "thermocompression bond" with/without a hyphen in the past as in "The component is typically thermocompression-bonded to the substrate." Are there any improvements?

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It looks slightly awkward since thermocompression is such a long composite word.

It becomes clearer with easier examples:

"perform laser cutting" The sample is laser cut from the substrate.

"perform frequency resolution" The signal is frequency resolved.

All these sound right, don't they? I should be surprised however, if the hyphen were correct. At least in the journals I published this would not be hyphenated. In any case, stay consistent with those.

If you want to avoid it all together, perhaps paraphrasing might help? "The component is bonded to the substrate with a thermocompression method."

"Thermocompression is typically used to bond the component to the substrate."

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