I want to ask what the difference beetween "gray" and "grey" as the color names?

Is there a difference like that one might be adjective, and the other one might be name?


The difference is entirely a matter of style. Here is what Wikipedia says:

"The first recorded use of grey as a color name in the English language was in AD 700. Grey is the dominant spelling in European and Commonwealth English, although gray remained in common usage in the UK until the second half of the 20th century. Gray has been the preferred American spelling since approximately 1825, although grey is an accepted variant" (here).

See also here.

That being said, a study in 1893 for what-would-become the OED revealed that some people used the terms with subtly different meanings:

Interestingly some correspondents used both forms [grey and gray] but with a difference of meaning: 'the distinctions most generally recognized being that grey denotes a more delicate or lighter tint than gray. Others considered the difference to be that 'gray is a "warmer" colour or that it has a mixture of red or brown' (OED under grey). This might possible be explained as a transfer of sound associations to letters (here)

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