They abandoned the project due to lack of mobilisation.

They abandoned the project due to a lack of mobilisation.

Do you need the article here?


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I would say, "They abandoned the project, because of a lack of mobilisation," and use "due to" only when "due to whatever" acts as an adjective. Thus, "The number of deaths due to a lack of coverage..." is fine, but "a number of people died, because of a lack of coverage." Once you make this change, it is evident that the article, a, is required. Nowadays this is a matter of style, but if you look up "due to" in Fowler, I think you will find that Fowler considered it a rule.


You can just say:

They abandoned the project, as they lacked mobilization.

Otherwise, I don't think you need the "a" in your sentence.

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    This rephrases the sentence but doesn't answer the question.
    – Lawrence
    Aug 7, 2016 at 16:51

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