in a novel, if I write this at the start of chapter:

Destination: New York.

Destination New York.

Should I use the colon or not?


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Destination: New York.
Destination New York.

Both forms are acceptable, depending on what emphasis (if any) you want to apply.

On the one hand: The IMDB list of movie titles containing Destination shows some with a colon, but most without a colon (Courtesy of prior comment from Peter Shor)

On the other hand: The Punctutation Guide shows the following examples:

Correct: The bookstore specializes in art, architecture, and graphic design.
cc: Tom Smith
Attention: Accounts Payable

In each of those cases, an introductory 'word', acting as a 'title' for the following item, is separated from the 'item' itself by a colon.

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