I encountered this person (guy) who mischievously and annoyingly refers to another person (girl) as arrogant when that person is not. I suspect that the guy is trying to tease the girl but in doing so, he made himself appear as childish and I am trying to find a word to describe this kind of character.

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    If you think he is childish, he is childish. If you think his behavior is annoying, he is annoying. If you think he is mean, he is mean. I think your question is too broad. – user140086 Jun 9 '16 at 8:35
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    Infantile. Puerile. Juvenile. (He also might be in love with her!) – rhetorician Jun 9 '16 at 12:31
  • In Australia we'd call that person an arsehole [for non-native speakers and other geographies, this rhymes with "far soul" and means anus]. But it's not clear whether you're asking for a word that merely describes a person who is mischievous, annoying and childish, or you require that in addition the word captures being slanderous, or you further require that the word captures the specific case of a slanderous allegation of arrogance. – Chappo Hasn't Forgotten Monica Jun 9 '16 at 12:38

Wind-up merchantWiktionary

noun (England, colloquial) One who enjoys winding others up in the sense of making fun of them or playing practical jokes

British colloquialism, but I would describe them as a wind up merchant (note it's wind as in wound, not wind as in north wind!)


Impish ‎(comparative more impish, superlative most impish) Wiktionary

(Adjective) impish ‎(comparative more impish, superlative most impish); mischievous; of or befitting an imp. Synonyms (naughtily or annoyingly playful): implike, mischievous, pixilated, prankish, puckish

Puckish is an interesting one. I didn't know that one before.


Haughty adjective (haughtier, haughtiest)

Arrogantly superior and disdainful: a look of haughty disdain | a haughty British aristocrat.

Oxford Dictionary of English

  • I don't think "haughty" fits the question at all. The behaviour could equally be displayed by someone with a low self-opinion who is mean and nasty in a low-life kind of way, utterly not in a haughty way. – Chappo Hasn't Forgotten Monica Jun 9 '16 at 12:29

Perverse ‎(comparative perverser, superlative perversest) Wiktionary

(Adjective) Turned aside; hence, specifically, turned away from the (morally) right; willfully erring; wicked; perverted.

Willfully perverse might work better.



noun One who engages in teasing; a tease.

This might have other unfortunate meanings if you did not use it carefully.

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