When we write a business email and want some information from the mail recipient, then which is the most professional way to ask for information. Does using "Please" in a sentence makes it look bad?

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  • Have you never received a formal letter that ends with something like Please sign and return the attached form? Why would you think a bit of politeness was "bad"? – FumbleFingers Jun 8 '16 at 11:38
  • I would use "Could you provide me with the details...?" as "Could you..." is polite enough. Using "please" doesn't make it look bad. – user140086 Jun 8 '16 at 11:40

As long as you don't capitalize it, it's fine:

Could you please provide me the details?

It's not at all necessary, though, and in fact the word "please" can convey a sense of impatience or insistence. So it ironically could be a bit more polite to just say

Could you provide me the details?

Beginning the request with "Could you..." is actually more important for courtesy than saying "Please".


No, the use of the word please implies both respect and having manners. However whether or not you should use please depends on the position you're in.

For example, you wouldn't tell your boss to give you the details, you would ask for the details. Since this is your boss you would show respect, in which case please would be included in a proper response.

If you're above someone in position, e.g. the boss or employer, you would need to ask or force respect on your employers--a bit biased. As an employer or boss you'd need to order your employees to do their job and get you the details.