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What do you call a person who craves danger? Like how a person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life is known as a hedonist.

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    Thrillseeker? Daredevil? – Steven Littman May 31 '16 at 2:10
  • Sometimes "adrenaline junkie" if that narrowing applies. – ben May 31 '16 at 3:57

As Steven mentioned,


noun A reckless person who enjoys doing dangerous things
"spectators watched in horror as the nineteen-year-old daredevil smashed into the ground"

Thrill seekerODO

noun A person who is keen to take part in exciting activities that involve physical risk
"thrill seekers are paying big bucks to swim with great white sharks"


Adrenaline junkie

A person with a compulsive desire for excitement and adventure:


This certainly gets to the "crave" part of your request. Whether it also fits the rest will depend a little on the kinds of dangers you have in mind.


As NVZ says, daredevil sure is the word for that. But here are other choices for you: Swashbuckler

Someone who engages in daring adventures.

Also, I think risk-taker would probably replace that, because it means someone who loves taking risks.

The adjective would be dauntless

To show fearlessness and determination.

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