What kind of reaction is a "trigger reaction"? Is it a immediate and instant reaction?

The context is added:

The available space is too confined,rendering any such meeting of gazes ‘unbearable’, but somehow the weight of that which haunts the scene makes it all the more so. A trigger reaction to a prevalent sense of both unease and not-quiteknowing- what-to-think which to some extent determines the route you end up taking through the grid, and which is surely replicated over and over.

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    Context please. Where did you see this used, and can you provide a complete sentence or ideally paragraph? – Max Williams May 25 '16 at 10:32
  • @Max Williams the context is added. – user127733 Jun 16 '16 at 9:57
  • I would say it's what happens when the butterfly flaps it's wings. – Hot Licks Jun 16 '16 at 12:22

I have never heard of just a "trigger reaction" being used like this. I think you could be speaking of one of two things:

  • Hair-trigger reaction

1: immediately responsive to the slightest stimulus (a hair–trigger temper)

Source: Mirriam-Webster

  • To trigger (a reaction)

to cause someone to do or say something (The report has triggered a fierce response from the governor.)

Source: Macmillan


It refers to a prompt and often strong reaction to something said or done:

to trigger a reaction:

  • to cause someone to do or say something:
    • trigger a response/reaction: The report has triggered a fierce response from the governor.

(MacMillan Dictionary)

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