hope you can help me.

I am not sure what should I use (or what is actually correct to use). I want to say that "I am sending stuff from one place to another" and at the same time "I am receiving stuff from other places to one specific place". Specifically, I want to say that I am sending data from one processor to another, and receiving data from other processors to one particular processor. I am doing a Table where I am presenting the "amount" of data I am sending and receiving. Something like this

Sent           Sent stuff       Received     Received stuff
From 1 to 2       X Mb        In 1 from 2        X Mb
From 1 to 3       X Mb        In 1 from 3        X Mb
From 1 to 4       X Mb        In 1 from 4        X Mb
From 2 to 1       X Mb        In 2 from 1        X Mb
From 2 to 3       X Mb        In 2 from 3        X Mb
From 2 to 4       X Mb        In 2 from 4        X Mb

But I am not sure whether I should use "In # from #" or "In # to #" in the "Received" column.

  • You could say "Into 1 from 2", if you're thinking of it as "finishing a sentence" which is started in the table column header, eg "Sent from 1 to 2" and "Received into 1, from 2". – Max Williams May 23 '16 at 14:37
  • If the source and destination are being characterized primarily as objects or actors, then you could say received "by 1 from 2". In fact, you could use a similar construction to describe the sends: "by 1 to 2". – PellMel May 23 '16 at 14:50

Stuff is sent by someone (A) from somewhere (A') to somewhere else (B') where it's received by someone else (B).

So stuff is received at B' having been sent from A' (locations).

Or stuff is received by B having been sent by A (participants).

(You could also say that stuff is sent from A or to B as participants, but that's still looking at A and B as locations, in that the package departed from A in some sense and arrived at B - mixed usage).


That means your headings can be Sent from x to y and Received at y from x.

If you consider that the processors are doing the sending, then you could shift to Sent by x to y and Received by y sent by x (clumsy) or Received by y from x (clearer).

  • Thus, considering that processors are participants , or actors as @PellMel metioned, it may be right to change the content in the column "Sent" by "by # to #" and in the column "Received" by "by # from #". – PePeLoTe alias TaChIdOk May 23 '16 at 16:40
  • @PePeLoTe Yes - answer edited for clarity and to incorporate this. – Prof Yaffle May 23 '16 at 17:09

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