In a YouTube comment commenting on Jamala's song 1944, someone says

You guys enjoy your summer-funeral hit! I have nothing else to add.

after saying

Ukraine should't have won! What a stupid, political contest. Economically and politically insignificant countries will never have the chance to win, even when they send a powerhouse such as Iveta Mukuchyan. They should've banned that funeral song. It's ridiculous. What's next, a holocaust song?

In case context matters, the user seems to be British, based on their user profile, though they could be of Russian descent based on their name.

What's a summer-funeral hit? Doing a search for "summer funeral" didn't get any results in onelook.

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I was looking for the wrong combination of words.

There's something called a summer hit:

In the entertainment industry, a summer hit is a song that is released and peaks in its popularity during summer and often later quickly fades away.2 In some years, a single pop song will gain widespread international popularity during the summer holiday season, becoming that summer's definitive summer hit in many countries. Many of the best-known summer hits emerge from outside the British and American pop music industries.

Songs that are marketed to be summer hits are very common, and often feature an upbeat tempo and descriptions of things such as relaxation outdoors and beach parties. These are songs considered ideal listening during summer activities. These intentional summer hits are most common in country (particularly country pop) and mainstream popular music but are much less common in rock.

The opposite of a summer hit in the music industry would be a Christmas song, a category that usually incorporates general winter songs as well.

As an antipodean who celebrates Christmas during summer, I haven't heard of this term before.

There's also something called a funeral song, which is a song sung at a funeral. There's no meaningful matches for "funeral hit", because the commenter is being sarcastic, implying that funeral songs, or a song about a very sad topic, can't chart in the top 40.

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