Speaking of programing design patterns, there is "a factory". What would be the correct verb?

To factorize / factorise is the mathmatical term not related to "a factory".

To factor [in ...] is a form of "a fact" not related to factory either.

I know "to manufacture" as an alternative, but what word is closer to factory?

  • Synonyms for manufacture: assemble complete construct create fabricate mass-produce synthesize accomplish carve cast cobble compose execute fashion forge form frame machine make mill mold prefab process shape tool fudge together make up put together throw together turn out
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A programmer answer rather than English usage -- the verb is construct, since a factory makes objects, and that involves calling a constructor function.

AbstractConnectionFactory will construct an concrete instance of IDbConnection.


Factory comes from Manufactory - the verb is Manufacture.

man·u·fac·to·ry  (măn′yə-făk′tə-rē)
n. pl. man·u·fac·to·ries
A factory or manufacturing plant.

The closest verb is "to fabricate".

Relate to the german words "Fabrik" -> "fabrizieren".

Derived from the Latin "făbrĭcāre", to build, create


mold, cast, machine, frame, outline, assembly-line, process, execute, efficiency, having things down to a "science" or a "recipe." These are what I came up with after inputting manufacture using thesaurus.com and using some of my own ideas.


Keep it short and simple, especially in programming names. A good verb for what a factory does is:


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