In sentences that I want to emphasize the ability of a person to do a certain task at a greater degree than another person, will it make sense to use "what more"?

  1. If Canelo can do that to Khan, what more can Golovkin?

  2. John, a novice swimmer, was able to finish the race. What more if it were Michael Phelps who competed?


I'd say:

  1. If Canelo can do that to Khan, imagine what Golovkin can do.

  2. Imagine if Michael Phelps had competed.

'what more' : I've apologized a thousand times - what more can I say?


For your intended purpose, it's better to use "what's more", defined by TFD

the next fact is at least as important or even more important.

"Military action will hurt ordinary people, and what's more, it won't solve the problem."

I hope this helps. What more would you like to know?

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