I hear "Me, myself and I" idiom from time to time.

Here this idiom is described as emphasis only. Are there any other meanings? What cases is it suitable for?

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    This is used to emphasize one's aloneness.
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  • only me, me alone, me without companionship.

Usage notes:

  • This is used to emphasise the speaker's aloneness.


Usage examples:

  • 1988, John Byrum, Cells: I like things the way they are: just me, myself, and I. No complicated organs and systems and such. Give me the simple life.
  • 2011, Isaiah Jamal Borgum, Obstacles, Lessions, & Hope: Here I was all alone, no one to help me get over my mom's and sister's death, just me myself and I. It was as if I died and all I could see was black.



  • "Me, Myself and I" is one of the great classic songs of Billie Holiday, and the phrase stuck with us. It written by Irving Gordon, Allan Roberts and Alvin Kaufman on June 15, 1937.

When you do something strictly on your own, and you want to emphasize that.

e.g: Q: Who was at your birtdhay? A: Me, myself and I.


Me is the physical aspects. Myself is the soulful aspects. I is the spiritual aspects. All three combined is the trinity and essence of one entity, the divine human spirit. We are 3 dimensional beings.

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  • As a native British English speaker. this is certainly not what I mean when I use the phrase or what I understand when I hear it. As others answers have said, it just emphasizes aloneness. Commented Oct 23, 2017 at 7:25

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