In a project we need to display percentage of work done by the employee. For example in a week of 40 hrs, employee only logged in 20 hrs of work. Then we need to display 50%. That percentage can be either due to employee not completing the task or no task assigned. Can you please suggest a suitable word for this.

  • "On-task hours" - The employee's time may be spent outside the system.
  • "Work hours" - As far as the system is concerned, it is work hours.
  • simply: "Hours" - Best not to quibble over details when it comes to systems, let the person analysing the stats do that!

The employee was unutilized. It means not used or not used effectively.


The employee was mismanaged. It means to manage badly or wrongly.

The first word doesn't assign blame but the second reeks of the fact that someone was responsible for this bad management.


I work in an Agile Lifecycle Management of a Project. We define every individual's man-hours as their CAPACITY. If an employee can give 50% of his time and is on a leave for one day,

we say his capacity is 50% of (40 - 8) = 16 hours

So I believe the word you are looking for is CAPACITY

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