I am looking for the word that refers to a state of tiredness or slight depression because of bad weather conditions. The opposite is also true, that is feeling well or well-disposed because of nice, sunny weather.

The only term I could come up with is meteoropathic, but it is present only in Wikipedia.

What is the the appropriate common term for the condition described above?


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Consider winter blues: (emphasis mine)

The first and most well known way in which weather affects mood is in what is known as 'seasonal affective disorder' – abbreviated rather appropriately to 'SAD'. This condition can also be known as 'winter depression', 'winter blues' or 'seasonal depression' and basically it describes a condition in which the individual finds their mood so tied to the changing of the seasons that they in fact exhibit symptoms close to depression every winter. - Stanley C Loewen, Effects of Weather on Human Emotions

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