When designing search forms for websites, I always think of name for the variable that contains the text that user is searching for. The form often contains additional filters like date range or categories. The data collected from user looks like this (programmatically, JSON format):

var searchFilters = {
  "dateFrom": "2015-04-29",
  "dateTo": "2015-06-30",
  "categoryIds": [1, 2, 3],
  "THE TEXT THAT USER HAS ENTERED": "I'm looking for John Doe"

How to name the THE TEXT THAT USER HAS ENTERED attribute? I have seen/used:

  • text
  • phrase
  • query
  • term

Which one is the most appropriate for this situation? Any other suggestions?

I suppose the query can be perceived as a good one but I do not like it. It clashes with database query. One would have to say that the application executes database query to find results for user query which is odd.

  • searchTerm and queryTerm are the general names used Commented May 4, 2016 at 19:36
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input would be one of the correct terms since it simply means anything that the user puts into the search bar, such as a phrase, term, query, and all other things the user would be searching for.

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