Is it correct to use "closed-loop" as an adjective without a hyphen?


Partners can serve as a recycling hub and sell the products in their stores, telling a closed-loop story.

Our marketing team really, really wants to drop the hyphen from "closed-loop". Can I let them?

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No, I would not. That doesn't mean it can't ever be done, but if you omit the hyphen, it introduces uncertainty into the sentence. A "closed-loop system" is obviously a system that operates as or within a closed-loop environment. A "closed loop system" could be a "loop system" that is closed as opposed to open. I don't know whether such a thing as a "loop system" exists, but the possibility exists and that militates against the use of the term "closed-loop" as an adjective without hyphenation.


Of course. If a retailer in the central business district of Chicago failed, it would be a closed Loop store, no hyphen.

But if you have a story about a closed loop, that's a closed-loop story.

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