What is the difference between "To finish something" and "To end something" When do people say end and when do people say finish ?


To finish means that something is completed. To end means to stop doing something; finish is not implied with end.

In my opinion "We finished the project." and "We ended the project" mean two different things, however I am sure some would argue that in current usage the two sentences are interchangeable...not for me.

  • Yes, finish implies completion. However end as a verb does have senses which are beyond the scope of finish, and the entire situation is not straightforward. You could for example say William Wilberforce deserves much credit for the *ending of slavery* (One would not use finish in that sense) Finish has a more active and doing sense, whilst ending can simply imply ceasing. – WS2 Apr 26 '16 at 7:58

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