What is "an engaging content program"? I am reading a text about email-marketing and this phrase puzzled me. Here is some context:

It’s time to start working on a newsletter design that converts. Whether it’s for a corporation or your personal brand, email has the power to: - Connect you with a large audience frequently and consistently - Keep the costs of sharing new information low by cultivating a channel of your own - Allow you to scale an engaging content program quickly - Share compelling calls to action to steer your audience in a specific direction


In this context, I'd take the words to follow the following definitions:

Engaging adjective Charming and attractive: an engaging smile - ODO

Content (2) noun 1.4 Information made available by a website or other electronic medium: [as modifier]: online content providers - ODO

Program(me) noun 1 A planned series of future events or performances: a weekly programme of films; the programme includes Dvořák’s New World symphony - ODO

An engaging content program is parsed as a program that has engaging content. That is, a series of posts that are likely to be well-received. The email marketer is asserting that their product will allow such programs to be quickly made available to a large (or more accurately, a rapidly expanding) audience.

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