Today, I have encountered the following sentence in a documentation:

Department of development and support of information systems of ABC JSC

I have argued about the correctness of using this "of"s sequence - for me, it sounded both too complex and "too Russian". However, I couldn't explain why.

Which of the following sentences are correct, and why?

  • Department of Development and Support of Information Systems of ABC JSC
  • Department of Information Systems Development and Support of ABC JSC
  • Information Systems Development and Support Department of ABC JSC
  • Information Systems' Development and Support Department of ABC JSC

For me, the third one sounds the best, but how can I argue it?
If both variants are OK, then how to decide which one to use?
Does this problem actually occur among native speakers?

Another one example:

  • Head of Sales Department
  • Sales Department Head
  • Sales Department's head

Which are correct, and which are commonly used?

I have even stumbled upon this problem when I was writing this question.
Wouldn't "Of" prepositions sequence usage title be better?

  • Strictly speaking, it think it should be "development of and support for". But using just one preposition is okay, and of is better than for. – Peter Shor Apr 18 '16 at 13:56

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