The majority of components in a computer program I'm currently developing are allowed to "present" themselves to an external entity through a given medium (e.g., to a user through a pre-defined UI glyphs).

Whenever I ask them to do so, I will invoke the following command:


A subset of said components, however, have slightly more privilege: not only that they are allowed to present themselves, they are also given the power to listen to interactions in the form of events and/or requests made, again, by an external entity.

As of this moment, the command looks like the following:


But I find that command to be rather clunky and in the need of a better name.

Is there any single word alternatives to showAndListen?


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I've never seen this word used, but there's a term called 'transput', which is both input and output together.

Though I would do something like



command_IO( )

for distinguishing input/output.


I would named the command Avail.

In other words, the component is making itself available, both in the sense of appearance and being able to respond to the external entity's requests.


Your question contains its own answer:


A more jargony option is


but that doesn't clearly imply a bi-directional data flow. 

A more conversational (less jargony) option, which has fewer syllables, is


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