What do I call a semi-circular concrete platform in my back yard that looks like a stage. It is about 30 inches above my grass lawn and is attached to my rear wall and appears that it could be a band stage. We currently use this as a conversation/fire pit area and it is always difficult to describe to someone who has not seen it. Photo attached: Back Yard Conversation/Fire Pit Area


It is a raised patio

See Images for raised patio

I didn't find anything as definitive architecturally as the Oxford Dictionary is for words, but raised patio seems to be a common term. There are many entries; I picked this one at random: How to Build a Raised Patio

Yours is beautiful.

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    How about a "deck" or a "stone deck"? You could also have some fun and call it an "altar,"which is a raised place or structure where sacrifices are offered and religious rites performed. – user26732 Apr 12 '16 at 20:24

I reckon I'd ask my guests to join me on the bandstand.

Although, clearly, it cannot be a functioning bandstand as currently furnished, the OP says that "it could be a band stage", and it is a sociable location ("a conversation/fire pit area").

A fun, whimsical name, such as the bandstand seems more appropriate to the OP's request than anything more architecturally accurate.

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    Hi Dan, someone flagged your answer as being low-quality, possibly because it's too short or not detailed enough. I would recommend linking to a reputable dictionary definition of bandstand and pasting the definition into a blockquote, explaining why this is an appropriate name for the platform. - From Review – John Clifford Apr 13 '16 at 8:44

It looks like a dais :

  • a raised platform in a large room or hall that people stand on when performing or speaking to an audience.


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