What does "busted" mean in this context?

He also possesses a glass eye, an ear for heavy metal, and a busted internal radar.

In reference to character Michael Burry from the movie "The Big Short".

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It's a slang term, but in this case it means broken or defective.

busted ‎(comparative more busted, superlative most busted)

  1. (slang) Broken.

Source: Wiktionary.org

It should also be noted that the term 'internal radar' here is used in the figurative sense:

radar ‎(countable and uncountable, plural radars)

  1. (countable, figuratively) A superior ability to detect something.

    His sensitive radar for hidden alliances keeps him out of trouble.

Source: Wiktionary.org

So the whole phrase 'busted internal radar' refers to the characters inability to detect something that may be obvious to others.

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