What is implied when this person says "like a golden thread"? The whole context is as follows:

“The Kingdom theme runs through the Bible like a golden thread. That is so, even though about 40 men wrote the Bible. And many of them lived at different times and did not know one another personally...."

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    It's a transparent comparison. Thread being long and thin, the implication is that the theme runs all through [in this case] the Bible without totally swamping other topics. The use of golden thread means that it is of highest value, it cannot tarnish, and though (as thread) not in-your-face, it catches the attention of anyone who can be bothered to have even a brief look. – Edwin Ashworth Apr 8 '16 at 8:56

Gold can actually be threaded into a cloth or garment, see here.

Hence something especially prized running through something (like the 'Kingdom theme' through 'the Bible', as mentioned) is metaphorically like a golden thread.

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