OK i need a series of 5 words (or 6/7 if suitable words and descriptions are found) to show how some fictional nations behave, (governed of course by their leaders)

Will highlight current words i have in bold although I'm only happy with 4 and 5, each has a appropriate description of what how the nation acts/reacts.

1) Warmongering. Aggressive and consistanly looking to gain terrortory or riches, will attack other nations for any reason.

2) Activism. Aggressive but without desire for gain, attacks for pure sport or to revel in the disruption such activity creates.

3) Completely stuck on this one. Aggressive but with values, will only go to war to provide a better world for either their own nation, or to liberate another.

4) Defensivism. Inherintanly peaceful, will defend themselves, but rarely help others.

5) Pacifism. Inherintanly peaceful, abhores all violance, will always seek a diplomatic resolution and will only ever engage if something directly threatens to harm them or thier way of life.

Thanks for looking

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1 - Expansionist means wanting to grow big and conquer more territory.

2 - Warmongering is when you just fight to fight.

3 - Stalwart or resolute could mean a country that fights for 'good'.

4 - Defensive works just fine.

5 - Pacifist works just fine.

I would add

6 - Isolationist means not doing anything with the world, including trading.

7 - Exclusionist means not doing anything with a certain country.

This would give some more depth to relations; instead of outright violence there could be unions, boycotts, all sorts of political/economical war.

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