Kindly help, I am looking for specific word for using too much facebook/twitter/linkedin etc while working.

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    Does that include using stackexchange too much? – jimm101 Apr 1 '16 at 21:29

A single word is "goldbricking" which has a rich history (per WorldWideWords.org), beginning as a specific event where someone was swindled using a brick that was supposed to be gold but was mostly not...to it's current meaning which is to "goof off", or in other words, someone who is not doing their job.


You might consider, cyberloafing

The use of computers by employees for purposes unrelated to work.

Etymology: cyber- +‎ loafing (Wiktionary)



Someone who isn't putting in 100% effort could be said to be slacking:

BRITISH informal

work slowly or lazily.


If a person is using social networking sites during work, it could be an addiction, although most times, the site is a distraction.

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    This answer looks interesting; could you add some dictionary definitions of your words, so people know specifically what meanings you're driving at? Please mention which dictionary you're quoting. – Dan Bron Apr 1 '16 at 22:17

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