Way off topic, but since this is April 1st, I'd like to post a couple of clips from one of my favorite shows - "Yes (Prime) Minister". This British comedy-show from the early 1980s, follows member of Parliament Jim Hacker; firs as a minister, later as the Prime Minister of Britain. He frequently cross swords with Sir Humphrey Appleby; Oxford educated, and head of the Civil Service in his ministry. Sir Humphrey loves long words... In the crossfire between these two, are Bernard Wooly, the Minister's personal secretary. Loyal to both the civil service he's part of and the Minister he serves.

I have included links to two of Sir Humphrey's more spectacular monologues: Just enjoy them... or look-up the words he use in a dictionary and post them here - or maybe "translate" them into normal English and post them here.

I for one, would really like to know the meaning - and other suitable uses - of the word "epistemological"... In fact, both speeches could be translated into normal English...

Both happens after Hacker becomes Prime Minister.


Prime Minister Hacker has been answering questions in Parliament, and was particularly satisfied with one of them. So Sir Humphrey burst his bubble:


Tired of Sir Humphrey always sneaking into Number 10 Downing Street from the building next door - where Sir Humphrey officially works, PM Hacker has had the lock of the connecting door changed. Here he has just snick in by the window - setting off an alarm and summoning guards - after being denied entry by the front door of Number 10:


Sir Humphrey's Goodbye... (before Hacker becomes PM):



Bonus (sadly with less Sir Humphrey's monologues):

The Civil Service:


Who reads the papers:


Opinion polls:


Choosing the next Prime Minister (The other man is Sir Arnold, the previous Cabinet Secretary):


Diplomatic options:


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