What option fits best in the following question please?

An obstacle had been placed in the middle of the road and the ___________ accident was blamed on it.

a. following

b. ensuing

c. resulting

I think it is not following otherwise the sentence should have been written conversely.Oxford Dictionary says ensuing and following synonym.

The guards returned fire, and the ensuing gunfight lasted all day.(MacMillan)

This example is so similar to the sentence.

  • 'Resulting' doesn't fit, 'ensuing' and 'following' mean the same thing here, but I'd not use either of them. – Edwin Ashworth Mar 25 '16 at 23:26


Following is fine. Says who? The World Affairs Council:

The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11 and the following accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant


Ensuing is fine. Says who? The Baltimore Sun:

The investigation is ongoing but police believe Mr. Farley's death and the ensuing accident were caused by a medical emergency.


Resulting is fine. Says who? The Harvard Business Review:

Some people examined normal traffic conditions; others saw or read about a driver error but not the resulting accident


Personally I like ensuing, because, how often do you get to say ensuing?


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