Looking for synonyms of 'entitled'. The dictionary lists synonyms for 'entitle' which has got to do with rightful access/privilege. I am looking for synonyms of the word in the sense of presuming (undeserved) privilege, as in entitled teenagers.

Edit: I am not looking for a synonym in the context of teenagers necessarily – sorry if the example implied that – just another word which means the same. The reason I want a synonym is that 'entitled', in the sense I want to use it, might not make sense to non-native speakers who might consider being 'entitled' a positive thing.

Edit2: Have decided to go with 'acting entitled', which preserves the negative context for someone who might not understand that in the modern sense the word 'entitled' alone very often means that.

To people who never quite understood what I meant, consider the sentences:

1) He's the CEO – he's entitled to a larger office.

2) Millennials are such an entitled generation.

The difference should be obvious. The latter usage has become more popular, almost implied by default, in modern usage. Of course, the context makes things obvious. But for my purposes, I wanted the word to stand on its own and not be open to interpretation. Hence.

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If you are willing to go with an idiom, a common one is spoiled, or sometimes expanded to spoiled rotten.

That child's parents have spoiled her rotten.

It refers to a child that has been given in to and over-indulged, to the point of having a damaged sense of the value of the things or the effort required to obtain them.

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