I first heard the term "Snap" in a television drama a year or so ago from a recovering drug addict-turned rogue police detective. I think it is a form of verbal exclamation, similar to "wow" or "Yeah!" Does anyone know how recently this term/expression was coined? Also, is my idea of the meaning correct or is there a different meaning (other than like snapping a stick in half)? Here's an example. "Snap. I just realized where I saw that guy before." Another example. A young boy finally learns how to tie his shoes himself. His youthful father exclaims, "Snap. See, I told you it's nothin' so hard."


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I have only heard Snap as an exclamation when someone finds they have a similarity with another person. I believe it comes from the card game Snap, where if a player puts down the same card as the previous player the first one to say “Snap” takes the cards.

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