A gold-lover specifically is referred to as a crysophilist. Is there a word for jewelry lovers in general (diamonds, pearls, rubies, platinum ;not restricted to gold alone) to the point where the "love" has turned into an addiction?

Usage Example:

My aunt is a real ________. She would even go without food for days but not without adorning herself with precious metals and rare gems.

I reckon if such a word exists, it would possibly end with a phile. Any suggestions (either a noun or an adjective)?

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    Not an actual word, but as people who study gems are called gemologists, you could argue via similar "love of" constructions that you could call your aunt a gemophile. – John Clifford Mar 22 '16 at 14:04
  • Jewel addict.... – Graffito Mar 23 '16 at 0:29

My aunt is a real jewel freak. She would even go without food for days but not without adorning herself with precious metals and rare gems.


a : an ardent enthusiast film freaks

b : a person who is obsessed with something a control freak


Also, jewel fiend


a : a person extremely devoted to a pursuit or study : fanatic a golf fiend

b : an addict a dope fiend



1. gemmaphile (polite) or 2. Jewel-junkie (impolite)

gem derives from the Latin gemma according to Etymoline

a precious stone" (especially when cut or polished), c. 1300, probably from Old French gemme (12c.), from Latin gemma "precious stone, jewel,"

phile as we all know derives from the Greek philos, loving (See dictionary.com)

But this combines a Latin root with a Greek root, which I once read is not quite proper. However, Wikipedia on Hybrid Word gives many examples, e.g., automobile and bigamy.

  1. The impolite word, jewel-junkie

Jewel does not need to be defined. Junkie, as defined by Dictionary.com

a person with an insatiable craving for something: a chocolate junkie

from Merriam-Webster

a person who gets an unusual amount of pleasure from or has an unusual amount of interest in something: television news junkie

The first definition of junkie is "drug addict", but the second definition in these and several other references is to a legal, even innocent, craving.

Jewel-junkie would be OK in the US, if said in an affectionate way, but might be over the line somewhere else.


Years ago, when the ladies wished to comment on a gauche woman's inappropriate attempt to wear every piece of jewelry she owned, the phrase, "Oh, look, it's The Queen of Sheba," would often be heard. Apparently "The Urban Dictionary" has usurped the usage of this phrase (as I was familiar with it in my childhood) to something more akin to "uppity".


In keeping with the recognized authority of TUD, the correct term is: bling ho.



Per Wiktionary, bling (originally bling-bling) is a slang term for jewelry, especially shiny jewelry that represents an ostentatious display of wealth. And the suffix -holic is a back-formation, with the ending of "alcoholic" (denoting alcohol addiction, or a person so addicted) reinterpreted as a general suffix indicative of addiction, and used in such terms as chocoholic or workaholic.

This is not found in dictionaries, but neither are the suggestions from some other responses ("gemmaphile") and the wording of your questions seems to be asking for coined terms and not necessarily actual words.

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    What it should be is a comment, not an answer. – NVZ Mar 23 '16 at 4:39
  • Hi ghostarbeiter, your answer was flagged as low-quality. I'd normally say "possibly because it's too short or not detailed enough" but I think it's obvious why this one got flagged. :P Amusing as it is, @NVZ rightly points out that it should have been a comment, and you have enough rep to post them. I'm recommending this answer for deletion on that basis. - From Review – John Clifford Mar 23 '16 at 11:26
  • The current top rated answer invents the terms "gemmaphile", which is entirely unknown to Google, and "jewel-junkie". Both of these were simply coined by the poster. On the other hand, the original poster appears to be asking for suggestions and not necessarily actual words. – ghostarbeiter Mar 23 '16 at 23:26
  • From the gemmaphile and jewel-junkie answerer: If you examine my answer, you will find logic and citations for the component parts of the words I coined. Yes, you are right, I coined them. If you had done the same for blingoholic, I don't think it would have been flagged. I will cheerfully give you a +1 for blingoholic if you expand your answer using my answer or Elian's answer or the many other answers with logic and citations as a model. – ab2 ReinstateMonicaNow Mar 23 '16 at 23:44
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    +1 for correcting your answer, even though I was first to answer "bling":) – NVZ Mar 25 '16 at 6:06

Consider these


Elaborately, heavily, and often excessively ornamented.


Denoting expensive, ostentatious clothing or jewellery, or the style or materialistic attitudes associated with them

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    This doesn't answer the question ("a word for people who are addicted to jewelry"). – ghostarbeiter Mar 23 '16 at 14:28
  • @ghostarbeiter I have to agree. It's hard to find an exact word. – NVZ Mar 23 '16 at 16:13

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