I was watching a TV show and a man was talking about a singer and he said that singer was a left to center artist. Clearly it was a compliment but I kind of got lost there. What exactly does that mean? By the way, I'm sure this is not related to politics, not in this specific case at least.


They probably described the singer as left OF center, which is just another way of saying the singer is liberal.

There may or may not be a political connotation. I think the term left of center sometimes describes people (particularly artists or deep thinkers) who are "liberal" in the sense that they're willing to innovate. In other words, "left of center" could describe someone who isn't afraid to deviate from the mainstream.

So I would venture to guess that this particular singer is either very innovative or different, is a political liberal or both.

  • That makes sense to me David, thanks for taking the time. – Dan Almeida Mar 21 '16 at 4:26

They may not have to be Liberal, politically speaking, exactly. But I believe the "weirdness" of having differing-to-mainstream views on subjects of all colours, is the key thing. Then again, politics does permeate everything whether you want it to or not. But Liberal is usually what artists that fit this description tend to go for, if they're not Independent or some other political style or party or what-have-you. Generally you could say Liberal, probably, but just be careful of calling someone a type of person that they may not necessarily be.

UK English.

  • "The 'weirdness'" hits the nail on the head. – David Blomstrom Mar 21 '16 at 6:29

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