I have watched this video hundreds of times but there are two words I still can't figure out what they are. They have been bugging me and I would really appreciate if anyone could let me know what those two words are.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMxiGI7Rhlo

(1) Between 1:05 and 1:10, between "it's only 1:0 at that point" and "the whole thing is a mess" there is a word that pronounces like "knee-dure" ("dure" like in "procedure") being said by both guys several times, what is that word?

(2) Between 2:36 and 2:48, between "who are people like me" and "listen, hold on", the guy wearing the red hat says "are you xxx at me" several time, the word sounds like "work-a-meat" or something similar, what is that word?

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The first word around the one minute mark is "knee-jerk", and is repeated by the interviewee.

I think the second is "tell me who I am, then. Are you more committed than me?"

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1) The phrase is knee-jerk.

2) I can't figure that one out, either.

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