I know song lyrics often contain phrases with words is an order different then usual, or with little sense. I'm not a native English speaker, so I ran into this phrase in a song and had some trouble:

because my feeling into you


For the first time I'm in sense of what to do
because my feeling into you
you know my feeling into you

Can it be rephrased as because I have feelings for you or something like that?

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  • I've found the first line in an internet article: 'For the first time I made sense of I what to do'. This would indicate that the lyrics are not in standard English (or are not reproduced accurately). And song lyrics have been off-topic on ELU because they tend to be far from what many accept as acceptable English. – Edwin Ashworth Mar 7 '16 at 21:52
  • All the transcripts of the song seem to have one source. Without auditioning the song I wonder if it is a mistranscription of "I made sense of what I want to do". – MetaEd Mar 7 '16 at 22:08
  • Interested readers can listen to the song ("Barcelona" by Henry Green) here. – Sven Yargs Mar 7 '16 at 23:42
  • Opinion-based? Really? wtf? I just asked a simple question. Not sure if admins here only read the title or what, but sincerely disappointed with this community. I'm not asking anyone to explain the song to me, I just want to know if one phrase is equal to the other because of it's phrasing. – George Mar 8 '16 at 11:51

Having listened to the excerpt of that song, it does seem those lyrics are correct, which leads me to the conclusion that "my feeling into you" is being used as a noun that refers to the act of the speaker feeling interest in the person listening.

Putting it into the context of the whole phrase, I would interpret it as:

"For the first time, I have an idea of what to do, because I feel interested in you"

This is similar to how someone might say "my running for office changed my perspective on the whole political process."

  • Thanks. I have to translate it and was afraid to get it wrong. – George Mar 8 '16 at 11:48

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