Which of the following would be considered proper when writing about research and development

"Research and Development" or "research and development"?

Also, is it proper to use the "&" when writing the full phrase out in a sentence, or does that only apply when using its initialization ("R&D")?

  • Is it a name of something or just a set of activities?
    – Jim
    Feb 24 '16 at 1:37

It depends on the context. If you're writing an article about research and development, you would probably just write, "This is an article about research and development."

If your article targets people who really understand research and development, you might feel comfortable taking a few liberties: "This is an article about R&D."

If you're working on a manual that targets people working for your company, you can call your research and development department anything you want - Research and Development, R&D, etc.

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