I would like to say something along the lines that "I am honored to accept... (job, award, etc)" but without using the term honored as I find it more dramatic sounding (purely my subjective sentiment only) than I would like for my professional context, as wouldn't, for example,flattered be very suitable either, for similar reasons.

What is a less emotional (now I know this is subjective) way to emphasize that you feel complimented by the circumstances from the context more suitable for professional communication?

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    "pleased" or "gratified" might work. – Hellion Feb 23 '16 at 20:15

Privileged would be a good choice;

1.1 - [with infinitive] Having been granted a special honour.

I think this a good fit to keep the statement professional while not sounding too dramatic and still conveying a small level of emotion that the offer (of the job or award) conveys.

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