I'm writing a review of the play, I need to list credits for the play.

The person who writes the play is the playwright.

What term do I use to refer to the group of actors etc that performed the play? From their Facebook page - they say they are a

inter-disciplinary Performance Art Collective

What word would I use to describe the group?


The adventure of John Smith

Playwright: Jane Doe

[Performance Group]: The Snazzy Art Collective

Venue: Some Venue.


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A "troupe"

this is the term for a group of actors or other performers.

Considering your update (with the playbill), I think that "Performance Ensemble" is probably going to work well given their name. That said, "troupe" is still more traditional.

If you want to be a bit cheeky about their amateur nature, especially if their visual style is wild or otherwise rustic, you can use "menagerie." This is not pejorative if used with a warm review, as it renders the eccentricity while valuing their energy. Though, in your playbill format, it would not be well. You would use menagerie when writing a review.


"Acting company", "Actors", or "Cast"

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    Acting company, especially, is the modern term used to refer to a group of actors in official literature.
    – user2754
    Feb 21, 2016 at 3:35

Performers: The Snazzy Art Collective

You can go minimal because Collective in the name says that they are a group.

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