Hands, put your empty hands in mine
And scars, show me all the scars you hide
And hey, if your wings are broken
Please take mine so yours can open, too
'Cause I'm gonna stand by you

Does it mean to hold hands?
P.S.: Just curious ;)

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Empty handed is an idiomatic expression for loss, as in "to go (or come) away empty handed."

Here, the lyrics refer to someone wounded by personal loss, with metaphoric scars to hide and metaphoric broken wings. The offer is to hold and thereby support and comfort. Which means more than physically holding hands.

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I think it means, if you feel loss you can hold each other's hand. You can borrow the other's wing, and make yourself comfortable, because if you need, I'm going to stand by you. Don't be shy, don't feel so rude, I gave you what you want as belong as you with me.

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