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Portmanteau seems to apply in cases like:

  • Phablet - Bigger than a smart phone, smaller than a tablet.
  • Smog - Smoke and fog.
  • Vlog - Video and blog.

There must be another word for things that have a more phonetic feel:

  • Shizzle - recently added to the OED, which sort of feels like sure with fizzle in it?

Or for a word that has one letter replaced by another letter or letters, but where the pronunciation stays the same:

  • Comix - Web comics?

The word is portmanteau. I found this: "Portmanteau word "word blending the sound of two different words" (1882), coined by "Lewis Carroll" (Charles L. Dodgson, 1832-1898) for the sort of words he invented for "Jabberwocky," on notion of "two meanings packed up into one word." As a noun in this sense from 1872." on Dictionary.com after stumbling across it in Wikipedia. MY word would be "combiage"= combine+verbiage As far as the new words that would be neologism as defined by MW: Simple Definition of neologism

: a new word or expression or a new meaning of a word
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It is a portmanteau; a formal example of one is brunch (breakfast + lunch), whereas a more informal example is skort (skirt + shorts).

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  • What is comix? a combination of comic and sex? And Shizzle, what is that a combination of? – ContextCue Feb 13 '16 at 21:33

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