I have a software that manages user accounts at a given service.

The administrator creates the account, the user validates e-mail and other data and then the account is considered to be valid/good for use.

I have a list/table that lists all accounts and I want a term/expression to fill a column of my table describing the situation of an account if it passed all the requirements.

For now, we are using:

License Released

But this seems wrong to me, it looks as if the word Released tells me the license was deactivated, removed from the system. Preferably, I would like a adjective instead of Released that could perfectly describe the situation that it is now free for use and activated.

License ______?

Any suggestions?

  • "Valid license" or "license validated".
    – Graffito
    Feb 13, 2016 at 23:11

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  1. to give someone the ability or opportunity to do something
  2. to make a computer or piece of equipment available for use by the user


  • License Approved

    Officially agree to or accept as satisfactory


  • License Authorized

    Having official permission or approval

[Reference : Oxford Dictionaries Online]

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