I'm creating an application/website, that you can control "assets" with. (The fact this is an app/website is irrelevant, I'm just giving some detail)

Inside these assets, you can define attributes, and you optionally set the attribute(s) to be dependent on another assets attributes, I call these "dependent attributes", as that term refers to the relationship going from the child to the parent

Now if you're viewing the the parent asset, what would I call the relationship going the opposite direction? I keep thinking "dependents", but that would be confusing as heck.

If "dependent" isn't the best verbiage for something that needs to be described going both directions, then whats another good word? I actually looked up 'dependent' on thesaurus.com, and didn't find anything I thought would suffice

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    Umm... Independent usually is the opposite of dependent. – BiscuitBoy Feb 13 '16 at 6:30
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In my experience, Parent and Child pair well together, as do Controlling and Dependent.

  • If A is dependent on B, then B controls A.
  • If X is a parent of Y, then Y is a child of X.

This Q&A on Stack Overflow has some software specific terms you might look into. And this Q&A from this SE shows more literature related possibilities.

Some of the listings I found at these links that are related:

Parent Property

Master Property

Control Property




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