I would like words or very concise statements that express the act of working together and sharing items/resources to a common location for the benefit of a group of people that the items are being shared with.

To give you some background, I am struggling to think of a name for my web application which is built to allow groups of users (friends, colleagues etc.) to share digital resources to a central location. As a starting point, I tried to find alternative words for "sharing" but the only suggestions I could find were more suited to describing the allocation/division of resources. I would like words which describe sharing between people to a common location.

  • Can you give more context? What type of items, what circumstances, what kind of group?
    – bib
    Feb 3, 2016 at 21:59

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Pool could fit. As a verb, it can be used to mean combining the resources of several people or organizations so they can be used collectively.

Definition from the free dictionary:

Pool v. pooled, pool·ing, pools v.tr. To put into a pool, as for common use: Let's pool our resources to finish the project quickly.


  • Synonym: "mutualization" (of resources).
    – Graffito
    Feb 3, 2016 at 23:57

Communal - Shared or used by members of a group or community

Communal works great as an adjective to describe a shared location or resource between a group of people. Commonly used in phrases like 'communal land' or 'communal kitchen'

In the context of a location for sharing digitally, you could use something along the lines of 'communal repository', 'communal drop', or 'communal cache'.


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