All, I just read the book Netty in action. A word Transport is mentioned in the book like below.

NIO is used in this example because it’s currently the most widely used transport,
thanks to its scalability and thoroughgoing asynchrony. But a different transport
implementation could be used as well. If you wished to use the OIO transport in your
server, you’d specify OioServerSocketChannel and OioEventLoopGroup. We’ll explore
transports in greater detail in chapter 4.

What does it mean the Transport? Thanks.

  • Probably future questions of this nature would be better addressed in one of the computer-related StackExchange groups. – Hot Licks Feb 3 '16 at 3:06

In this very technical context, the transport refers to a method and protocol for sending data over a network from one machine to another. It is a layer in the communication stack well described here.

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