Is there a good version of the word jobsworth?

Someone who is hardworking, dedicated, good team worker but not a complete tool about it?


By way of background, for Americans who may not have encountered this word, the OED defines jobsworth as: a person in authority (esp.a minor official) who insists on adhering to rules and regulations or bureaucratic procedures even at the expense of common sense.

It derives from the expression It's more than my job's worth to let you do that. The TV programme That's Life hosted by Esther Rantzen in the 1970s, used to award a jewel-encrusted peak cap to the official who had attempted to enforce the most stupid rule - called the jobsworth of the week award.


From the various definition that I've read so far, jobsworth seems to have negative connotations. I am of the opinion that the person complicates things and causes widespread nuisance. I even found "Little Hitler" to be synonymous to it!

Even though I don't have an equally quirky term, if my understanding is correct, a term with a positive connotation could be :


honest and direct : providing answers or information in a very clear and direct way


If you think forthright sounds archaic, you can replace it with "straightforward", "undemanding" , "uncomplicated" , "frank" and the likes. All these words have a positive to neutral connotation depending on your context.

Side Note

If you are a fan of social media memes, I'd say jobsworth is best represented by Scumbag Steve and someone who is just straightforward could be the Good Guy Greg! However, this is rather informal and if you choose to use it in your context, proceed with caution.

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