I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I'll do it anyway. I am a student from Austria and one of our professors has given us a task which seems rather demanding. He wants us to analyze English in history/change on the example of Ridpath's Boethius translation from 1785 in a proseminar paper.

The problem is I can't get my hands on a text that has been written a little earlier (e.g., Johnson's Boethius translation) to compare them, but only on a text that has been written very much earlier by Queen Elizabeth. And no, I can't ask him for help, he's a confusing, kind of mean guy, who keeps telling us he expects students to be able to organize themselves.

Thanks in advance for helpful advice.


A scan of Morris' 1868 EETS edition of Chaucer's Middle English translation is available here, and that edition is transcribed here.

A scan of Elizabeth I's Early Modern English translation is available here.

This dissertation on three early versions (Alfred's, Chaucer's, Elizabeth's) includes an appendix listing English translations. Of those before your man Ridpath I have been able to find only one online: a 1674 partial translation by Edmund Elys transcribed here. Others are John Bracegirdle (1602) 'I.T.' (?John Thorpe? 1609), Harry Coningsby (1664), H__ Duke of ___ (1693), Richard Preston (1695), William Causton (1730). All of these are 'prosimetric' versions; the dissertation and its bibliographic apparatus will give you more details of editions if you are interested in any of them.

Johnson did not translate the Consolations.

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