This may be aimed more at developers; but lets say you have a string with a possible variable in it assigned to another variable.

$myVarBeforeReplacement = 'some_string_with_{var}';

Then after some manipulation you get the desired string by replacing that variable

$myVarAfterReplacement = 'some_string_with_its_var_replaced';

I am trying to think of two separate but somewhat related words to describe the string in each stage. I don't want to use processed / unprocessed as that can imply at the other processes going on.

Similarly I don't want to used formatted / unformatted since the string can also go through formatting. Replaced / unreplaced seems a little long winded and antiquated.

I was leaning on raw but cooked(?) makes no sense.

  • I would usually call the former a "dynamic string" as its content is being determined at runtime. That would arguably make the replacement one a "static string" but that seems a bit silly, so I would personally just call it a replacement string. – John Clifford Jan 28 '16 at 14:05

The first is a string, but it is also a template and it is unresolved.

The resulting string, has been resolved.

So it is fair to call them the template and the resolved template. It's also fair to call them the template and the resulting string or result, depending on the context.

Normally, I would call them the template and the result.

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A few others that nobody's mentioned yet:

  • input - output is an obvious general candidate

  • reference - sense captures the philosophical distinction

And, since you're talking about functions,

  • argument - value also works.
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