I want to write something like "Follow your dream! Make sure it is un-influenced by the society". Is there a better word?

Here the idea is to convey that dreams should not be seeded into someone by the society.

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    In this specific case I'd prefer "Make sure it is not influenced by the society" than a different adjective. Also it'd probably be more appropriate to just say "by society" than use the definite article. Jan 27, 2016 at 10:36
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    I think it sounds more natural to change the rest of the sentence: "Don't let it be influenced by society."
    – herisson
    Jan 27, 2016 at 11:37
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    You could also incorporate the word "independent", as in "Make sure it is independent of societal influence" or "Make sure it is independent of societal pressure".
    – James
    Jan 27, 2016 at 13:41

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The exact word you are looking for is unswayed ("not moved or affected : not influenced unswayed by personal considerations", Merriam Webster).

Follow your dream! Make sure it is unswayed by society.

Note that I removed the article before society, as this is an uncountable, abstract word.


Instead of the second sentence saying where dreams should NOT originate, maybe try an adjective to emphasise where they come from e.g.

"Follow your own dreams!".

In a similar vein there are plenty of synonyms for 'own': personal, individual, particular, private, personalized, idiosyncratic, characteristic, unique; especial


Not a single word answer but this may convey the meaning you are after:

"Follow your dream regardless of society!".



adj. 2.1 (predicative) not affected or influenced by something.
"no one is immune to his immense charm"


Follow your dreams irrespective of society

irrespective of

Not taking (something) into account; regardless of

Oxford Dictionaries

Without considering something or being influenced by it.

Eton College p34-36


With that quiet but unyielding determination, he has put his newspaper at the forefront of the battle to keep an independent and critical press alive.


Assuming you're implying society influences would be a negative factor:

"Follow your dream! Make sure it is uninhibited by the society"

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