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What would you call someone who loves music? For example, a person who loves books is called a bibliophile. Someone who loves movies is called a cinephile.

I am trying to write a character description - Matthew, a cinephile, bibliophile and a (word that indicates music-lover and preferably ends in -phile).

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The best choice would be:


One with an abnormal fondness of music.



MusicophileODO; seems close to the meaning.

n. A music lover.

AudiophileODO; is a bit distant though.

n. informal A hi-fi enthusiast.

"it puts professional studio sound within the reach of the audiophile"

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    The word Audophile is specific to the quality of music one listens to, not the fact that they love music. – Darrick Herwehe Jan 25 '16 at 14:18

I'd stick with music lover - it's simple and unpretentious. Using a word ending in -phile is fine when it's in common usage, like bibliophile, but musicophile just feels a little affected.

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