I've gone through a lot of rules on conditional sentences in English and couldn't find the answer.

What time should I use in the following comment to a source code?

  1. # Rebuild databases if 'exampleFile.sql' has changed
  2. # Rebuild databases if 'exampleFile.sql' has been changed
  3. # Rebuild databases if 'exampleFile.sql' was changed
  4. # Rebuild databases if 'exampleFile.sql' is changed
  5. # Rebuild databases if 'exampleFile.sql' changed

The required meaning is "Perform a check. If, and only if, it is (?) detected that a certain file is (hmm?) changed due to some external forces, a script (that rebuilds a database) should be executed right after the check."

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Of those 5 I would go with #2

# Rebuild databases if 'exampleFile.sql' has been changed

due to the connotation of action having been actively taken to change it, rather than changes just happening to it. I would possibly consider saying instead

# Rebuild databases if changes have been detected in 'exampleFile.sql'
  • I find the detected version pretty useful. However, I wonder if it shouldn't be "...if changes have been detected in..."?
    – jera
    Jan 15, 2016 at 10:57
  • Good point, I'll edit. Cheers jera. Jan 15, 2016 at 10:59

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